Simple COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Notification Plugin For WordPress Sites | EZ Tutorial w/ Script

Jason Moss:

Hey Jason Moss here and today I want to show you how to make a very simple, easy pop up for your WordPress website. Okay? It’s March 20th, 2020 we’re in the middle of coven 19, the whole Corona virus stuff that’s going on. And I have a lot of clients and just a lot of different website owners that are looking to display a simple pop up, you know, that they can do easily. They don’t have to hire someone to do it and show that, you know, put a message up there about covert 19 that they’re still open, that they’re taking the necessary precautions, things like that. So this is how you do. It’s very simple. And this is for WordPress websites like I mentioned. So what you’re going to do and this is what it looks like. You’re going to have a banner at the top of the website.

Jason Moss:

It goes above your header, all right? And then when someone clicks on it, all right? You have your message that pops up, okay? Very, very simple. There’s nothing to this, there’s nothing complicated, very simple. So all you do is you log into your website, okay? Once you’re logged into your WordPress website, you’re going to go to plugins, okay? You’re going to hit add new, and actually, what was the name of this plugin? The plugin is called site announcements. Okay? So you’re going to go to add new, and you can just search site announcements. Now, there are tons, there’s hundreds of different Papa, excuse me, plugins that do this, that will accomplish the same goal. It’s just all of them are a little different. Okay? This is by far the easiest one that I found to do to make it very simple. There’s like almost no settings to it whatsoever.

Jason Moss:

It’s very simple. So this is what it looks like. This is what you’re looking for. Site announcements. I already have it active. If it’s not active, you hit install now and then you hit activate. Okay? Very simple. All right, so once you have that done on the left hand side, you’re going to see announcements, okay? So when I click on that, you’re going to have nothing in here to begin with, so you will hit add new. All right. And when you hit add new, you’re going to have a window pop open that looks like this. Okay. Yours will be blank. All right, so your title, okay, is what shows up right in here. Okay? So for the title, put whatever you want. All right. For this one I put we are open for business, but please read a Corona virus announcement. You can put whatever you like in there.

Jason Moss:

That is just what I’ve chosen for that. And then you paste your message inside of here. Okay. Now you can edit it however you of course. At the, in the description of this video, you will actually see a Google docs link where I link you to this. I have a Google doc to where you can copy and paste this. You can use it as your own. You can, you know, change the company name. This is primarily for home service based businesses where this verbiage makes sense. Obviously if this doesn’t make sense for your business, you’re gonna want to tweak it a little bit. Okay? Make sure you read it and make sure it applies to your business. Change the phone number, change the things that need to be changed. Once you’re done, you’re fine. All right. If you want it to be black with the white lettering, just leave it as is.

Jason Moss:

Is it closable? Yes. I don’t think I would make it not closable. Because that’d be very annoying. So always have that checked unless you have weird circumstances. All right. Link to your El. So if you maybe had a press release or a blog post which speaks to your announcement, you can click on that and you can enter in like a blog post or a press-release link to where when people click on it, it doesn’t open the modal. Okay. So the modal is this. All right. It opens the message in here. If you enter a URL, it’s going to, when people click on it, it’s just going to send them over to the URL. So that’s completely up to you. All right? On how you want to do that. And you can play around with this. Of course, if you really want it to stand out, you could like change the banner to yellow and then change the font, the text font to maybe black. When it’s done, you also have duration options. So you can always show it hide for a day. You can play around with that however you like. Okay. And then hit update.

Jason Moss:

If we hit update and then go back to our website and we refresh, you’ll notice now it’s bright yellow with the black font that really stands out. Probably going to leave that. And when people start scrolling on your website, it stays, it’s sticky. Okay. So it really makes sure people do click on it. All right. Looks awesome. Very simple to do guys. And this also works on mobile. Okay? So it works perfectly on mobile. It’s not interfering with the website at all. Is very, very simple plugin that just simply works. Okay. also like I said in the description below, you will find the Google doc. Let me pull it up here. You’re going to see a Google doc that goes to here. All right. This is a messaging kit that I’m handing out to all my clients the moment so they have something simple to get out to their customers.

Jason Moss:

All right, so here you have the message that I copied and pasted there inside that plugin. There’s also like blog post stuff that you can edit and make your own and this is kind of what the website pop-up looks like. It’s just showing you an example. There’s even a video example of if you want to make a video you know, that shows on your website or post it somewhere else. Facebook, this is a great video. That really explains everything that’s going on with covert 19 at the moment. He does a very, very good job. Places that you can use this. Of course, website, blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter, Google. My business post is very important because if people are searching for you, you want that showing up instantly. The website pop up of course in email blast, even a press release.

Jason Moss:

Okay, so there’s many ways to get this message out. All right? But you can copy and paste this. You can use it as your own. It is free for you to use as you wish. All right. But I hope that makes sense. I hope it helps. If you’ve got questions, leave them below. I’m happy to help in any way I possibly can. We’re all trying to get through this you know, together and we all have to help each other out. So leave a message if you have any questions. Thanks guys.



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