DOWNGRADE Google Workspace Or GSuite Account In 2021!

DOWNGRADE Google Workspace Or GSuite Account In 2021!

🚀 This is an UPDATED video for 2021 on how to Downgrade Your Google Workspace / G Suite Account!

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Full Video Transcript

What’s up, guys, Jason Moss here, this is an update of how to downgrade your G suite or now it’s called Google Work Workplaces, I think it’s called they keep changing everything.

But this is an update to my video that I previously posted on April 4th. Two thousand and twenty. OK, this was a pretty popular video, about twelve hundred views so far. Lots of thumbs up, lots of comments, people thanking me, blah, blah, blah. It was really helpful. But then all of a sudden, a couple of months ago, they changed it over to Google workplaces. So the method for downgrading your suite has changed.

OK, but fear not. This is the update. All right. So here we go. Let’s hop into this client account because I just signed him up for a new Google workplace account. We need to downgrade it right. When we signed up, they start you on the I think it’s called the business plus plan. It’s 18 bucks a month per user. So now they have an eighteen month plan, a twelve month plan, and now the six month plan.

OK, so if you’re not careful, you’ll be stuck on the eighteen month plan and a lot of times you don’t really need it. OK, but be sure to look over, you know, this right here. I will leave the Lincoln description below. Shows you what you get, what you don’t get. And then also this, the six month plan, 12 month, 18 month plan. But I digress. Let’s get into it. Let’s let’s change this.

All right. So we come over here. You’re going to sign into your new Google G suite account, whatever you want to call it, go to admin, Google dot com. OK, you can also if you’re stuck inside your Gmail, you can click on these nine dots inside your Gmail and you can come down to the bottom, I believe. And there is a this one right here, the blue one. It used to be a gear and it’s called admen.

OK, that’ll take you over here. Admin, dot, Google dot com. OK, you’re going to land on this page here. You can either search for it or you can just click on billing. All right, once you are in the billion area, OK, you do not click on this, OK? If you click on this, you will be lost. Most people think you click on that. You’ll be in here, you’ll be looking for cancel subscription view payment method settings.

You’ll be trying to change stuff and you won’t see the option. OK, so as you can see, this is the 18 month plan. There’s three users on it. OK, so let’s go back. All right. Because it’s not in here. So once again, we’ve gone to admin that Google dot com and then just to billing. OK, so what you want to do, this is kind of a sneaky way of doing it, but they want you to click on this ad or upgrade a subscription, not edit a subscription or downgrade.

They don’t even want you to know that, but click on it. All right, and as you can see, all right, they have over here the two options because we’re on the highest plan right now. Well, actually, they have enterprise plans. Those are much higher, but we’re on the business plus. All right. We want business starter. That’s the very lowest one. Business standard is the middle one. OK, this client wants to go on the lowest one, which once again, that is the starter plan, six bucks a month.

OK, so we’re going to click on Downgrade to Business Starter. All right, and it kind of gives you an idea of what you’re losing, that type of thing, if this is not your best option, don’t do it, OK, but that depends on you and your company. All right. So we’re going to come all the way down to get started.

And now we’re on payment plan, and as you can see, it is updating the pricing six bucks a month so all three users will only be 18 dollars a month instead of 18 dollars each. All right. Well, hit check out. And then it kind of reverify is it again for Check-Out Place Order? Can’t get data due to unexpected air, I believe that is because I’m on the trial right now. OK, so don’t worry about that. That shouldn’t happen for you.

Hit place order that will downgrade your account and everything will be good to go. OK, guys, after that error, all I hit was back. And as you can see now, it says purchased. I’m not sure why that air popped up. Sometimes that happens when you’re on the trial mode, like before we were on the business, plus now says upgrade. So we are not on that anymore. We are on the business starter view. Your subscription will click on that.

And let’s just take a look. Six bucks a month per user next billing day. So, yeah, everything is good to go. Like I said, if you got questions dropping below, happy to help, but I will see you guys in the next video. Thanks.


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