Importing 7000+ Email Contact List Into GoHighLevel (GHL)

Importing 7000+ Email Contact List Into GoHighLevel (GHL)

Here’s how I saved $75/mo by cancelling my GetResponse account and moving my email lists into GoHighLevel. This will work for all autoresponders like Mailchimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, etc that let you export a CSV of all your leads.

Importing the CSV into GoHighLevel and mapping the fields is super easy and painless.

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Full Video Transcript

What’s up, everybody, Jason Moss here in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to move a 7000 person email list that’s in response over to GoHighLevel. OK, so get responses costing me about 75 bucks a month. I already pay for go high levelGoHighLevel. I can send emails and go high level. So I’m going to move the whole thing over to GoHighLevel so I can cancel my get response account and save myself 75 bucks a month.

So let’s hop in here real quick. As you can see, I have a few more list to go. Actually, I already did these that you see this 41 contact list, the 13 twenty to the one 17. And then this last one, the seventy three hundred one is what I’m about to do and I’m going to show you how to do it.

So the best way to do this that I know how is you kind of treat these lists OK, as a location and go high level. So if you have a account, you know what I’m talking about, what the locations and that would be the case if they were all completely different type of list, which these are. These are for three different businesses. So they are completely different things. Now, if if if your list and get response are just for different things, but they’re for the same business, then I would recommend using tags and put them all put all of these list in the same location and I’ll just tag them differently.

But these are for different businesses. So what I’m going to do is head over to go high level. I’m going to make a new account. OK, well, a new location. So we’re going to add an account here. I’m going to do a blank snapshot because I don’t want anything loaded here. And let me just put in some information real quick. I’ll add the account manually, and you can really just use your information for this. Unless you have a specific situation like business name, don’t really overthink it.

Just do whatever is necessary for the list that you move over, OK? And after you’re done creating your location or new account, you’re going to want to head over to the contacts smart list page. And that’s we’re going to load everything up in here. While I was creating that account, I actually remembered I already had made that account. So I hopped in here. I already have a few leads in here. As you can see, there’s seventeen hundred leads in here at the moment.

So now what we have to do is let’s go back over to get response real quick and we’re going to export this list. So all you do is you click on the list that you want. It’s going to populate everything here. And then over on the right hand side, these three dots, you’re going to have the export option. So we’re going to export put in a name and then you’re going to export in CSFI. OK, export new file.

All right. And it’s going to do its thing real quick. And as you can see, it pops up in there. All right. And once it is done, then you hover over these three dots can hit download and it downloads the CSV to your computer. Now that that is done, we can head back over to El.

OK, once we’re in, it’s very, very simple. They make this easy. OK, all you do is come over here, hover over this import contacts. All right.

And as you can see it says file must be a CCSVI. So that’s perfect. That’s exactly what we downloaded. All we do is go and find the file. Upload it. All right.

And now it is looking at the file at the different fields that get response gave us. OK, now you might want to open the CSV and make sure whatever fields that you have are mapping up correctly on this side. OK, so I mapped all my fields. As you can see, I got a name email the sign up date. I’m going to throw in the notes of the contact that it’s going to create IP. I went ahead and made that custom field so IP address it in country city, state postal code time zone, moving all that data over.

So let’s scroll to the bottom and we hit continue. All right, then it shows you a preview of how things are going to be moved over, which is pretty cool. So you make sure that you’re doing it correctly. Now, some of these have more data than others. So if we hit another sample, you can see that this is all being moved over correctly. And what’s fields that is being moved to. All right. So everything looks good to me.

So we’re going to confirm these mappings and hit continue. All right, then, this is the duplicate strategy, so if an existing contact is in the spreadsheet, what do we want it to do? And you have different options here. This is the recommended option is the one that I always do update them with the data in the document, but only for fields that are empty. Right. So if you already have fields that are in there, it’s not going to overwrite them.

It’s only going to fill out fields that are empty. Kind of just update those other contacts that you might already have. So will it continue? All right. And now you have the option of adding a tag to all of these that you’re moving in here. So the tag I’m going to do G.R. import, which is get response import. So I know if I see these people in here, I know that this was imported by me. All right.

This was that list. All right. So that is it. And now we just hit done. And I’m not sure how long this will take since it’s like seventy three hundred emails. And you can see it’s still uploading at the moment and there begins going and it does it rather quickly. Fifty one hundred, one hundred fifty two hundred. I’ll pause the video and then we’ll be back here in a second. All right. In the list is done in porting that took about.

About eight or nine minutes or so, and as you can see now, I have a total of eighty nine hundred and forty five records, so we only had about about two two hundred fifty duplicates, which is awesome. So my entire list now is over here in go high level. I can one hundred percent cancel my get response account now. So like I said before, that saves me seventy five bucks a month which is awesome. So if you are wondering there is no limit with Gohei level, how many contacts or leads that you can put in here.

I know of a couple of guys that literally have over a million contacts in their account, so the sky’s the limit with it. They don’t limit you with a number of contacts. If you had a million contacts and get response, I mean, it would cost you it would cost you an arm and a leg. So everything’s good to go at this point. And now I can go ahead and schedule these for an auto responder or campaign or the new workflow builder that they just came out with.

You know, just send them all a mass email if I want. So everything’s good to go. If you guys have questions, let me know in the comments below. If you guys are looking for a solution like this, you want your own high level account. There is a link and description below as well. If you do, go ahead and get it signed up using that link, please let me know because I’ll send you my bonuses that I have for you.

So, yeah, let me know if you have any questions and I will see you guys in the next video.



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