Setup Subdomain On WPX Hosting

Setup Subdomain On WPX Hosting

Jason Moss:

Hey Jason Moss here and today I’m going to show you how to make a sub domain in your WPX hosting account. All right? It’s very simple, but WPX does not use C panels, so it is a little bit different for some folks. I think it’s actually much, much easier than trying to learn C panel. So when you log in into your WPX hosting account you’re going to come to this screen here so you can get to the spot in a number of different ways. But I like to just click on manage. I actually click on WordPress hosting. All right? Come to this and then manage all sites in this account. Okay? And this is my test account where I’m doing a lot of different tutorials. Now once you’re to this page, you just going to click on websites slash SSL, okay? And this will show you the different websites that you have loaded in your WPX account.

Jason Moss:

All right? So this example account, I only have the one here, all right? But this is how you create the sub domain. You actually go to add new website, click on this. He had this little box pop up and you can choose, do you want to add a completely new website, which that is what top level domain is. So if you were adding like you know, JW Moss or some other website you would use top level domain. But for a sub domain we want to click on the box, hit sub domain of, and then we choose our domain and we’re making the sub domain on the JW Okay. Now this sub domain, we’re just going to name it like we’ll just name it test. So it will be test dot JW Okay. And you can see it spells it all right out there for you. So hit create website takes just a few minutes here. Okay. So it has created the subdomain test dot JW and now that it is created, you can see it here in your account. You can see it where it on the website screen. Now what we have to do of course though, is we have to install WordPress on that sub domain. So it’s just like it was before. You can see the SSL is already done. They do that automatically for you, which is great. So we just click on installed WP

Jason Moss:

And wait for the box. Pop up shouldn’t take long at all.

Jason Moss:

All right. Looks like you don’t have any existing installs under this domain. So install WordPress, you have the same box pop up. Just like last time database, you can leave that same admin email can leave the same. If you like admin username, you’re going to have to create something there for that. So obviously I’m going to change all this, so if you guys try to log into, it’s not going to be correct. Let me just create this real quick actual just generate one. There we go. And we’ll copy it of course, because I don’t want to forget that. All right. And then you can hit deploy WordPress and you can check that if you already had a WordPress installation and you want like a fresh one, of course. This does not have an installation right now. So it doesn’t matter if that’s checked or not. All right, and we’ll deploy and then this will finish up here real quick.

Jason Moss:

Okay. Took about 20 seconds or so. You get this dialogue box pops up. Once again, you’re going to want to copy your password and once again this is going to be changed. So don’t even try to log in. Doesn’t matter. Okay? So that is done. And because this is a sub domain, we do not have to change name servers or anything like that. We don’t have to wait for any propagation as well because that is already done on the main domain. JW Okay. Because this is a test and it’s a subdomain, the propagation and the name servers that’s already completed. So we can go to this right now and it should be up. And of course it’s not because I’m doing a tutorial. Let’s see here.

Jason Moss:

And maybe I’m cashed. I could be cashed because I tried to open it. All right? So I just double checked. And the subdomain test dot JW is up. It is live. I can’t show it to you right now because I am cashed really bad. It’s been over an hour since I made the subdomain, but I checked it on my phone on cellular service and it pulls up just fine. I even checked it with some some web tools and it’s, it’s showing up everywhere across the internet. It’s just not showing up on my local wifi because it’s just cashed. ’em I tried clearing it, but for some reason it’s not pulling up. It’s just cash pretty hard, but everything is working fine and that is how you install the sub domain on your WPX hosting domain. Okay. If you are running in into the same cashing type of problem, sometimes you just have to give it more time. But if you have any kind of questions or comments, just leave them below and I’d be happy to help. If you have a future request on another video, I’m also let me know. I’m happy to make those for you. But have a good day and I will see you in the next video. Thanks.


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