Move Shared Hosting cPanel Account – Siteground to Namehero!!

Move Shared Hosting cPanel Account – Siteground to Namehero!!

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Hey, guys, Jason Moss here and in today’s video, I’m going to be transferring an entire C panel from site ground over to a new host, which is name Hero.

They’re both shared hosting. But the reason for doing that, you might have seen in some of my other videos, I’m not the biggest fan of site ground anymore. A lot of my sites were getting infected with malware and it was just moving from site to site, tried getting fixed.

It just kept like replicating itself for something in site ground would not help at all. They basically said good luck. So I said bye bye. And now I’m heading over to name Heroes.

So this is how you can move an entire C panel. You don’t have to do like a support ticket to migrate each site. You can do just one and migrate the entire C panel over to name Hero, OK, or any other host that you might want that has C panel.

All right.

So the first thing, as you can see, I’m on name hero Dotcom right now, and this is their normal pricing that they have right now going on, which isn’t bad pricing at all. You’ll see this one has one website, seven websites, and this is unlimited websites, which is what I need because I think it’s 14 sites that we’re moving that’s on this site, ground C panel account.

And this is very similar pricing. But I actually have a coupon code, so I’ll head over to this one and it lowers that pricing to this. So I’ll only be paying six bucks a month. All right. For this new name here account in the way this works is you get this price for however many months that you purchase up front.

OK, so you can see if you hover over the order. Now, if you only do one month, you’re going to get it at eight ninety nine, OK. And then if you do it at one year it’s seven ninety nine and then when it renews you know it’s at the normal price. All right. So I always do the maximum that they let you do, which normal normally is about three years. So six bucks a month you’ve got to pay for all thirty six months up front.

That’s like I think it was two hundred sixteen dollars that it came out to somewhere in there. But for three years of hosting unlimited websites, that’s pretty awesome. So let’s get started here. Feel free to skip ahead in the video if you want to jump ahead to the next part of it.

But first thing we need to do is just sign up for it. So. Hit the order now, three years, register a new domain if you want to, you can. I’m not going to I’ll be using existing domain and update my name servers. So I have a bunch of websites on there. You can just use any one of them. All right, and these are some of the different aspects that I’m going to get on the package that I selected.

Here are some configurable options. Would you like to add drops? Drop my site. Now, would you like to add. No, don’t need that automatic malware scan scanning with file cleanup.

That’s interesting that they do offer that. I don’t know, is this per website or. I don’t know how to check on that later, because that might be worth it if it’s for the entire account or if it’s just for one website, I’m not exactly sure. And then, yes, you do want the free Szell’s will continue. And there you can see the pricing try initially, because this is like every three years it’s going to renew. All right.

So at my renewal time, it might I think it’ll be this price, but I’m sure they’ll have some kind of renewal discount. All doesn’t really matter because I’m not worried about it right now. All I’m worried about right now is paying this discounted price. All right. Two hundred fifteen dollars. All right. Yep. We have the the discount in there, so we’ll hit check out. And just fill this out real quick. All right, and what you didn’t see on the screen was at the bottom of filling out all the information they had the option to use a credit card, Coinbase or PayPal.

So pretty cool that you can pay with your crypto if you’re into that. But I paid with PayPal and then it sent me over to this screen here. And looks like it was completed is just waiting on the email confirmation, blah, blah, blah, but everything is good to go at this point.

He should just check your email and then it should give you directions on how to sign in to your name here account.

All right, so you just saw me sign up for the name Hero account, got everything in there, got everything paid for, and now that I am in the account, I went over to the client area. You can see here is the one service that I have the cloud web hosting. I didn’t do a domain or anything like that. And then there is the product Web hosting Turbo Cloud. So that is all right there. Actually, if I refresh, this should be a ticket.

Yeah. So there is the ticket that I just submitted for the migration from all my site ground stuff, that entire seat panel count over to the name Hiro.

So I had to ask support which support ticket it was, and I’ll put the link to this in the description below.

But this is the form that you have to fill out a lot of the basic information, subjective message I just put. I want to transfer my entire Sepinwall account so they they know exactly what’s going on here. Domain name. I just put the main domain name of my name, hero account. You know, they probably doesn’t even matter what you put in there because they’re moving the entire panel account. You can leave this the same here and then you’re going to want to find the you are real to your control panel, your seat panel.

So whoever your old host is, there’s always a U. RL. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to find. You might have to get with your support on your old host.

Sometimes they email it to you as soon as you sign up for that account. So you might have to dig through your email, but find the URL for the CPA panel account and then you’re also going to have a username and password to sign in to that C panel account.

OK, those are things that I actually had to contact site ground support figure out because usually you go to site ground and log in and it just pops into your C panel automatically.

You know, this is a different way into the C panel.

So I had to ask them what the username was, but they were helpful with that.

In current DNS, you can leave that default if you have some domains that you’re moving that have G suite where you’re going to have to go through that figure, all that out, that’s can be a whole nother ballgame. The accounts, the excuse me, the websites that I’m moving don’t have any emails attached to them. So it’s it’s much easier.

I love this default because normally you are going to be on default for unless you have some weird setups on different websites and then that’s really it. So they’re going to be moving everything over there.

All right, guys, and here is the update. Don’t be alarmed. I didn’t go upstairs and change. This is a totally different day. It’s actually different month. Today is actually December the fifteenth. We left off on November the nineteenth. No, it did not take that long to move everything. Everything got moved in just a couple of days and I’ll show you what happened. OK, first off, name Hero was great about everything. Site ground was and was not OK.

They were questionable.

OK, so as you can see, here is the ticket that got started as soon as we submitted it on the nineteenth.

And then I quickly found out that site ground was not going to be able to move or excuse me, do the C panel back up because there’s a C panel backup feature. They weren’t going to do it because it was my account was over five gigabytes. All right.

And that’s one reason I am leaving them as well, because they list everything as unlimited, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited size, unlimited sites, unlimited everything. But yet they impose these limits here and there. And this is just another one of those where it’s five gigabytes limit on the backup. My account was like nine gigabytes, so I had to go through file manager and they were not helpful at all with it. And I had to figure out a way to get my account under five gigs.

While I couldn’t, I deleted every single possible thing I could, all the the sites that I wasn’t using any more large, large files that maybe I didn’t need. I was able to get it down to like six and a half gigs, but I could not delete anything else because I needed those sites. So the only other option was I had to pay. You’ll see, I tell the guy in here I had to pay the guy. I had to pay Cytron.

Thirty nine dollars to use their backup feature. So pay them thirty nine bucks. They did the full backup for me. The crappy thing was they didn’t tell me.

Well, actually, OK, they updated the support ticket two days later after I submitted it for the backup, but they never emailed me, so I never knew about it. And it took extra days for me to get back with name Hero and tell them. So it was kind of an annoying process that would have got done a lot sooner. Offsite ground would have just emailed me that they updated the support ticket. So they did the backup rather quickly.

I got that backup file over to name Hero and then being by the boom, they had it uploaded and had everything going. They were very great with the communication on the support tickets and emails. You as well when they emailed back or updated, I should say.

So everything went very, very well on name hero side, even once they got it updated. I had a problem with a site and I let them know and they scanned my entire account. They’re like, Dude, you got some malware on your accounts. I was like, Really? I had no idea what can we do? They went ahead and cleaned everything up for me. So as you can see, this is their last email. They said scans completed.

We got four hundred malicious files. And then they gave me a list of different things that I can do to to help. So that was very helpful. My sites have been perfectly fine for the last month. They even seem to be a little bit faster as well. Yeah.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to like site ground or you’re looking to move from blue hose GoDaddy host Gater, hopefully you were never with them to begin with because they’re horrible. I highly recommend jumping on name here so you can find a link in the description below. It is an affiliate link which only helps this channel. You don’t pay anything extra, you actually get a discount on it. But a little bit of that does come back to me.

That just helps support this channel so I can do videos like this and get news out to you.

See if this video was helpful, please hit that like button below. Subscribe as well. Drop a comment if you can, and I will see you guys in the next video.



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