How To Download LinkedIn Videos

How To Download LinkedIn Videos

Here’s the best LinkedIN Video Downloader tool that doesn’t require you to use those “dirty” download sites that are full of spam & viruses.

Download LinkedIn Video Downloader Chrome Extension –

If LinkedIN updates their platform and this no longer works, please leave a comment and let me know. I READ ALL COMMENTS!

Full Video Transcript –

Jason Moss:

What’s going on guys, Jason Moss here. And today I have a really cool Chrome extension for you called the LinkedIn video downloader. This is something that I was actually trying to do. The other day was download a few different LinkedIn videos and I could not figure it out or was using these websites that said they could do it. And they were pretty dirty looking. But then I found the Chrome extension and it has saved my life. Just like a lot of Chrome extensions. So if you are new to the channel, go ahead and hit the like button subscribe. You will like the channel. I do a lot of reviews like this, about Chrome extensions, WordPress sites even Facebook ads, Google my business, all types of things. So yeah, consider subscribing and let’s get into the video. So if we hop on LinkedIn here, you will notice that if you come over to a video, we don’t actually have to play it, but you can’t right.

Jason Moss:

Click. Alright. And I am hitting right click right now. Nothing happens. There used to be some options. Now, the old way of doing this well actually one of the ways of doing it right now is you can click on these three dots and you can actually hit copy link to post, all right. But you have to use these dirty websites and I call them dirty because there’s lots of weird popups. They try to confuse you with these things that say, Hey, there’s a virus. You need to download this. Download that I hate those websites for the average person. A lot of people screw up their computer with these sites. That’s why I hate them. But you put in the link in here and I actually couldn’t get it to work. I believe LinkedIn just did an update to where now these are actually broken right now.

Jason Moss:

I even followed these directions that they have. I use this site as well, keep offline, and I know I’ve actually used this in the past, but I’ve gone through these directions and none of it is working anymore. Okay. So the easiest way to do this now is with a Chrome extension. Okay. And it’s this Chrome extension right here. It’s called LinkedIn video downloader. It couldn’t be named anything else. It’s very, very simple. And you’ll actually, let’s go back to Lincoln. You’ll notice over here on the top left of the video first off.

Jason Moss:

Okay. Only if you have video speed controller, will you have to move that? Okay. I have video speed controller, Chrome extension set up that allows me to play videos a little bit faster which is another great video I have I’ll, I’ll put that in the description below, but this is the icon that you’re looking for. Okay. and when you click on on it, okay. Boom. The video downloads right to your desktop instantly. It’s easy as that don’t have to copy links. You don’t have to look at the source code or the website, find the link, do all those crazy things like those other websites. Do you just hit one little button and there’s the video and I’m not sure if the sound will come through choppy or not because we’re doing a screen capture, but yeah, the video looks fine. The sound looks fine. Everything is exactly the same.

Jason Moss:

All right. And we’ll actually refresh this so we can get a, you can see that this is being done live. Okay. Let’s scroll down and we’ll find a video right. Here we go. This is even a sponsored video. So we’ll move the video speed controller over. And then there’s a little icon hit download and there it goes downloads to the desktop and it’s, it’s easy as that. All right. And that’s how that LinkedIn video downloader works guys. Very, very simple. Once again I will put the link in the description below, but this is the icon. And the name that you are looking for offered by URI Drabik, I think is how you say it. But yeah, just install that Chrome extension. Everything should work fine if it doesn’t, if LinkedIn updates there, whatever. Okay. Leave a comment below. Let me know. It’s not working. I will find a new solution and I will update it with the new video. But once again, guys smash that like button hit, subscribe, hit that bell notification. So you can see all my next videos. I have very interesting stuff like this that really helps you in your day to day. But yeah, I’m Jason Moss and I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks guys.



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