Install WordPress Plugin – Also Activate, Deactivate, Upload, & Delete Plugins

Install WordPress Plugin – Also Activate, Deactivate, Upload, & Delete Plugins

Jason Moss:

Hey Jason Moss here and today I’m going to show you how to install a plugins inside of WordPress and delete them, activate them, upload them, do everything with a plugins and WordPress. It’s very simple. So let’s get started here. The first thing you want to do is go to your WordPress website. Okay. And this is my test website that I’m doing some tests on. This is JW and once you are inside, you’ll probably land on the dashboard screen, but you just want to navigate over to the plugins area. So just click plugins on the left hand side and you’ll see these are the plugins that are currently installed on this website. Now the first thing we want to do is delete some plugins. Okay, well actually let’s activate these and I’ll show you how it works. So these are already installed on the website.

Jason Moss:

As you can see, these here are already activated. These two, and these are installed, but they’re not activated. So the website won’t be using them. Okay? They’re installed, but they’re not being used cause they’re not activated. So to use these plugins like this is for anti-spam on comments and whatnot. A kismet that will come installed on a lot of WordPress installations automatically. But to activate it, you simply just click activate. It’s very simple and you’ll see it is now activated cause you can deactivate it. It actually has an update available for it. So right within here, or you can click up here and it’ll show you all the current plugins and themes on your website that need an update. Even the WordPress core can be done from this area up here, okay. But right in here you can update it and it does its job updates real quick, nice and easy.

Jason Moss:

We don’t want this on the website though, so I’m just going to deactivate it. Okay. And you always have to deactivate before you delete it. Okay. And then we’ll just delete, has a little pop up and then it is gone. This one, hello Dolly, that comes automatically installed as well. You never, ever need that on your WordPress website. All right. You can always delete it. All right, so I’m just going to delete that. Don’t even need to activate it. All right? And you can see those two were deleted and these two are still here. Now to install a new plugin on your website, there’s a couple of different ways you can either upload one if you already have it on your computer or you can go to the plugin repository, the WordPress area, and find one. So we can click up here at new.

Jason Moss:

We can also see, add new on the left hand side. So I’ll hit add new and you’ll see this is all the WordPress plugins in their directory. Okay, now you can do a search. Let’s see. Let me install the Yoast SEO plugin. All right, so you can, you don’t even have to press enter, you can just start typing and it’ll kind of auto search for you. All right. And this is the one that I do want installed Yoast SEO. It’s probably the SEO plugin I use on every single website. So I’ll just click install and it installs right from this dashboard too. If there’s a bunch on your search that you need installed, you can just go around and install them. Okay. Now you can activate from here. All right? Or of course you can go back to the main plugins area and you’ll see it’s installed but not activated, so you can activate from here as well.

Jason Moss:

So we’ll activate that. And when you activate a plugin, sometimes you’ll have popups that come up based on what the plugin is trying to do. A lot of times you can just hide them, you know, hide these popups that is, and over on the left hand side, your plugin, depending on how it is created, will show up in a number of different ways. Sometimes you’ll have it show up down in here. Sometimes the plugin will be inside of tools. Okay. So it’ll be inside of here. Sometimes the plugin will be up here. Okay. Just on this main you know, main dashboard, I guess you could call it, but it’ll be up here instead of being down here. Right. And sometimes it’s even in settings. So it just depends on how they create or made the plugin. It just really depends.

Jason Moss:

Okay. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to upload a plugin. Okay? So I can show you an example of that. It’s very easy. You just click add new as well. And instead of searching in the directory, okay, we don’t need to be searching over here. We’re just going to upload plugin, right? So you upload, have this come up, choose file, and then you can browse your own, you know, your own computer. So I’m going to find one here. All right? So this is a login. It’s the login press, a plugin. You just click it, hit open and it shows you your file right there. And then you hit install now and it uploads it to your WordPress website. And then you have the option to activate it right then and there. Now you don’t have to activate it if you don’t want to.

Jason Moss:

I’m just like installing from the directory. But you can, you can just activate right from here and now that is installed and activated. Okay. And as you can see, this one log in press, it doesn’t pop up down here. What the Yoast SEO and the the caching plugin it on up here. All right, so like I said, it just depends on how the creator made the plugin, but that is how you activate deactivate, delete, install and upload plugins. It’s very, very simple. You can find tons of different things inside of that. Inside of the WordPress directory. Most of them are free. A lot of them you can download for free and some of them have premium upgrades. There’s a lot of plugins that I just use playing out their free version and they’re perfectly fine. Some of them, depending on what you’re needing done, you do have to pay a premium version. And that always depends on the plugin creator of course. But have fun with it. Explore, there’s tons. You can see all the different active active installations. See which ones are popular or not. There’s millions and millions out there. You can make your WordPress website do just about anything, but if you have questions or comments, leave them below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks guys. And seeing the next video.


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