How To Whitelabel Go High Level (GHL) Account

How To Whitelabel Go High Level (GHL) Account

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Full Video Transcript

What’s going on, guys? Jason Moss here in today’s video, I’m going to show you how to white label your go high level account. OK, so I use go high level for quite a bit of different things in my agency. And having it white label is very important because you don’t necessarily want clients to know that they’re using high level.

They just want to you want them to think that they’re using your software.

So that’s the whole point in white labeling it. So essentially, instead of your clients going to app, go high level dotcom. All right. They’ll go to app moss tag or app dot your website, dotcom, whatever you want it to be. OK, so here’s how you do it. Go high level makes it pretty simple. Once you are in your account here, you’re going to be in the agency section of it. OK, so not in a location section, but in the agency section, you’re going to come down to settings.

Right, and then scroll on down and you’re going to find an area here called White Label Domain. Very, very simple.

All right.

And you can see I already have it set up here and you can choose whatever you want for the prefix.

So I’m just going to name an app because apps easy, but you can make it whatever you want. And then this, of course, is my domain. So how do you do this? OK, well, you’re going to edit your DNS records, OK, whoever your DNS provider is. Now, here’s how you figure that out if you have a website.

OK, like MOS Tag is an actual website.

OK, your DNS provider will be the host that you’re using for your website.

All right. It won’t it won’t be where your domain is registered. OK, if you do not have a website on the domain. So let’s say you just want to like GoDaddy Dotcom, you bought a domain and you don’t have a website on it. OK, then GoDaddy will be your DNS provider. Or if you bought your domain name cheap and you have no website name cheap will be your DNS provider.

OK, but if you have a website, whoever your host is that your DNS provider.

OK, now my website, Mosse Tag is hosted by my favorite host, which is WPX hosting, so I’ll show you what you do.

It’s very, very simple. I’m in here. As you can see, I’m in the edit DNS section. I’ve selected my domain Mastech dawg. And all you do is you add a new record. Now, this is very similar.

What WPX and GoDaddy name cheap. It’s all kind of the same thing. You’re going to have a host record, you’re going to have the host, and then you’re going to have the target or the value. And then I forget what this even stands for.

But you can just leave it blank. OK, so your host here is going to be a C name record. All right. So you simply just select a name and then the host. All right. You can see they’ve already put it in here for me.

Depending on who you’re doing it with, they might not put your domain at the end. You might have to type that in itself. If you have trouble, whoever your DNS provider is, you can use their support and they’ll guide you along through this. It’s very, very simple. I’ve I have no way of telling you how to do it on every single provider. There’s thousands out there. So I’m going to grab this real quick. All right, so the host, all right, is going to be whatever you want the subdomain to be, you know, the prefix, I should say, so I’m going to name it app.

But remember, you can name it whatever you want. And I’m going to select this entire thing.

This is this is what points back to high level to make it show up. So the value goes in here. All right. You drop that.

This always stays the same in the value the target area. The host, remember, can be anything.

It could be app. It could be. It could be whatever it could be, just an initial it could be and it could be whatever it could be, you know, wherever you want your clients to go to sign in, name it, whatever.

Easiest thing to do is just name an app. So all your clients are going to go to app, dot your website, dotcom.

OK, so very, very simple. Like I said, you can leave this blank, whatever the default is, leave it blank and then hit save record and that’s it. It’s very, very simple. Just make sure to see name, name it, whatever you want. It then always points to that, OK, that this is what makes it show up. This is high levels domain. OK, now I already have it set up. Because as you can see over here, app tag, all right, pops up perfectly fine also because they’re signing in on your domain now you want to update your terms and conditions and then your logo.

OK, so if you come back over to high level. All right, the privacy policy, your URL is what changes that link on here, on the terms and conditions. So that’s very simple. And then, of course, your logo. I need to fix the logo. That’s why it’s not showing up quite there. I think I have the wrong size in here, but yeah, very, very simple.

That is how you white label your go high level account. Very, very simple. If you have trouble with it, just ask your DNS provider, your host or the domain. Just say, hey, I need to put these records in. I need to make this name record. Can you help me? And they should help you with that. It’s very, very simple, but I’m sure if you watch this video, you’ll be able to do it.

If you have any other questions about high level, anything else in your business, feel free to drop a question below. Hit that like button.

If this was helpful, please hit that subscribe as well. It really helps out the channel and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thanks.



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