How To Setup Facebook Business Manager Account In 2020

How To Setup Facebook Business Manager Account In 2020

Amazingly easy video walk through on getting your Facebook Business Manager account setup the right way so you can run ads for your business. I’ll show you how to initially set it up, add your business page, create your ad account, & add a payment method to your ad account. 


Video Transcript

Jason Moss:

Hey, Jason Moss here. And today, I’m going to show you how to set up your business manager account for Facebook ads. This is how you should be running your ads. Always with business manager. You never want to just do it inside of Facebook of your Facebook page itself. This will give you far better options and keep everything organized. Okay. So once you’re logged into your Facebook account you can just come over here, go to Okay. If you’re not logged in, it will prompt you to log in first, but once you are on this page, all right, you should see something along these lines and it’ll probably change here and there, but go ahead and create an account. Okay. You can see it pulled my name in already. This is for a client’s account. So it’s pulling in his name, of course. So we are going to enter his information. AC repair Corpus Christi is his business name, same Jack hearken, his business email.

Jason Moss:

All right. So very simple so far. Okay. Now I’ll pause this and enter this information, but you just fill this out. Okay. And once you have the information filled out, you want to make sure you’re promoting its own goods or services. This option here is really if only you’re like an agency or something like that. But you will do promote its own goods or services submit. And just like that is very simple. Now it is going to send a confirmation email to you and I believe I don’t even think you can access it until you verify you got that big verification thing up there. So let me pause real quick. Okay. I verified the email. So this should disappear here. So what we want to do is click here and go to business settings. All right. And you can always find the business settings by clicking on this hamburger icon up at the top, and you’ll see this gear business settings, right?

Jason Moss:

And this, from this window, we do quite a bit. The first thing we want to do is add the page. Okay. So if you’re an admin of your page, what you should be of your Facebook business page, this will be pretty simple. All right. So if you don’t have one created, it gives you an option to create a new page. Add a page, request, access to a page. Okay. Most of you will click on this one here. Just add a page, right? Yeah. This, you will not need cause it’s it’s for something else. If you like an agency like myself. Okay. So add a page and then let’s see. Yeah, you can just start typing in the name of your page and it should pull it. Cause it should recognize who you are. Of course. So I, all I typed in was AC in there, found my page, click on that and then add page.

Jason Moss:

And it should do this automatically. Yes, because I’m already a page admin of that page. So it’s a, the request is approved automatically. If you’re not an admin, it’s going to send a request to them, to you know, add it to the business manager. But most of you will be an admin already of your Facebook business page. So this should be simple, close out of that. All right. You can see your username in there. All right. And then let’s see here. And then it’s showing my account there because I am also an admin of his page. So anybody that’s like an admin of your Facebook business page, it’ll show them here. Okay. All right. The next thing we want to do is go to add accounts. All right. You’ll see. Does not have any ad accounts, right? We want to click on add, we’re going to this time. We’re going to come down here and yeah, we’re going to create a new ad account. Cause you don’t have one yet. Okay. So ad account name. I just make it simple. And a lot of times I’ll just do the initials of the business and then ad account. So like AC repair, Corpus Christi out of cow one. Yeah. We’ll just do that. Okay. Time zone Chicago. Yep. U S dollars. Yep. And then next this ad account will be used for my business. Okay. It’s not for anybody else create.

Jason Moss:

All right. Now this is where you want to assign settings. All right. You want to click on your name here. Okay. And you want manage ad account. Okay. Cause you want full rights of your ad account. Of course. All right. So assign, okay. And then you’ll going to have to add a payment method to that account so we can go to payment methods. We can either click on this right here. Now, if you click on the payment methods from that window, after you create an ad account, it’s gonna take you to an area that I don’t think it should take you to, but it does. So please pay attention to this part because it can be a little bit confusing. So when you click on that, it actually takes you to the payment method area of your entire business manager account. Okay. There’s actually two different areas where you can enter in payment methods, one inside of the business manager area, which then everybody can access it.

Jason Moss:

As far as like your, your users and whatnot. And I’ll show you that in a second, or this is the actual ad account itself, there’s an area where you can enter payment methods for the ad account also. Okay. So when you click on that box, all right, it’s going to take you to the payment section and you’ll see, I don’t have any payment methods in here right now. I’m not going to put one in here, but when you put one in here, just add payment method and go through the prompts. It’s very, very simple. You just put in your credit card information. Okay. it’s going to store that inside of the business manager. Now, why is that a confusing thing? Well, if you’re an ad account, okay. The ad account that we just created alright. Needs a payment method tied to it. So then the ads that are being ran can run off that payment method. Okay. So if you come over here to the right hand side and you’ll see we’re in business settings, we’re under ad accounts. All right. This is the ad account we just created. Right. And then over here on the right hand side, you’ll see this little dropdown arrow. All right. And you’ll see view payment methods. So it’s not like it even stands out. You have to know where this is at. So you click on view payment methods. It opens up a new window.

Jason Moss:

Okay. In this now is the payment methods for the actual ad account itself. Okay. And you’ll see that we are, we have payment settings over here and we’re actually inside of the ad account that we created. Okay. Now you’re going to come in here. And if you, if you entered your payment method in the business manager side of things, you’re going to come in here and you’re going to be like, well, why do I have to add my payment method again? All right. Well, here’s the thing. Just click on it, add payment method. And if you entered your information into that other window, okay. The business manager side of things, you will see an option in here. All right. That says, add payment method from business manager. And basically you just click on it and you’ll see the credit card information that you entered inside of business manager.

Jason Moss:

All right. So then you can just select it right in there. All right. If you didn’t enter in anything in there, like we didn’t, you won’t see the option. Of course. And right now we can just go ahead and we can enter in a credit card. All right. For this ad account. Right. So very self explanatory, you just enter in your information and then that method right. Is tied to this ad account. So whenever this ad account is running ads, it’s going to be charged to that card. Okay. And you can always switch it later on if you want. That’s always up to you. But yeah, it is a little bit confusing. If, if you’re confused, go back, watch this little section again. You know, cause it does make sense. Or, and if you’re inside of it, just click around, you can’t break anything, go look at payment methods over on that over in the business settings side of things right in there.

Jason Moss:

So this is the business manager area. You can enter it in here and then you’ll just have to add it where, where I showed you. Okay. In ad account section, click on here, view payment methods, and then you can add it, right? So there’s two different ways. You can do it. You can enter it in either one of the sections. But just one way is a little bit more confusing than the other. But I hope that makes sense. If you have questions you know, let me know in the comment section below if this video was helpful, give me a thumbs up, hit that subscribe button hit the bell. So you’re notified of all my next ones, my next videos that is. And yeah, I hope this was helpful. And I’ll see you guys in the next video, I’m your business manager at this point is all completely set up and then you’ll just go in and we’ll start building ads later on. Okay. The only other thing to do at this point is set up your pixel, your Facebook pixel, and you know, I’ll have a video for that. I’ll link it below, but yeah, I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thanks.



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