How To Embed Google 360 Virtual Tour On Your Website

How To Embed Google 360 Virtual Tour On Your Website

Jason Moss:

Hey, Jason Moss here. And today I’m going to show you how to embed a Google three 60 tour on your website, okay. For your customers to view. It’s pretty simple. So take a look. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is go to Google and just search your business, okay? For this example, we’re going to be using a subzero, a showroom that’s out up in Chicago. This isn’t one of my clients or anything is just an example, okay? So once you do the Google search, a lot of times on the right hand side, you will have the Google my business knowledge panel show up, okay? Now this is what you don’t want to do, okay? You don’t want to click on see photos and come over to this area, okay? Because if you’re looking here, like this is a three 60 photo right here, you’ll see at the top, there’s no there, there’s no options, there’s no share options, there’s no embed options.

Jason Moss:

You can’t right click or anything to get other options. What you’re looking for is three little dots up here, next to this name, okay? So what you have to do is this. All right, come back to that search page. All right, your normal Google search page, you’re going to want to click on maps, okay, we have to go over to the maps section of Google. All right, so when you do that, you’re going to have the knowledge panel come up over here. All right, and now once you’re in this area, you just scroll on down to their photo section, okay? You can click on one of the three 60 photos or just click on photos here. All right, and when this pops up here, this little icon in the bottom left of photos means it’s a three 60 photo. You can also click on this area three 60 view.

Jason Moss:

Now the first photo that you want to show up on your website, like a, the beginning of the tour is the one that you want to find on here. Okay? Now I haven’t gone through this entire tour. I don’t know which one is the beginning of the tour. So that’s really up to you to find, but let’s just choose this one here. Okay, so we’re on this photo and at the top left here you will notice that now we have those three dots. We have options here. So when you click it, you have options for print, report, a problem or share or embed image, and that is exactly what we want to do. We want to embed this image, so we click on that. Click on embed a map. All right, we have this pop up and then we have our source code. All right, well you can click on copy HTML or right click copy, however you want to do it.

Jason Moss:

Just copy it. All right, now you go over to your website. Okay, and this is just an example website that I’m just playing around with. All right? But we’re going to embed it on this page. So, and I use WordPress. You might use something else. It’s kind of all the same process. We just need to embed that HTML on that page. So I’m going to just drop it right here in the text area, not the visual side. If you’re using WordPress, you want to use it on the tech side, drop it in, paste. There’s our code, and that’s how it’s gonna render. So if we go back, let’s update this and go and look at this page here. Now the tour is embedded on this webpage. Okay, very simple. And this is the starting page. And since this tour was made, the only pictures that are going to be available inside this embedded object are those two or pictures. So as you go through the tour,

Jason Moss:

Everything works. Everything is beautiful. You can even make it full screen. I mean, this is all hosted by Google, so it’s not slowing down your website or anything like that. Everything works like it should. All right, so very, very simple. If you want to, you know, play around with this, of course, you know, the size of it you can go back to like that the code and you can just simply change the width and the height of it, you know, and play around with it and make it as big or as small as you want. But yeah, it’s just like embedding any other map that you might embed or a YouTube embed code or anything like that. It’s, it’s very, very simple. Just make sure when you’re doing it, go over to the maps section so you can get those three dots to get that embed code. But I hope that makes sense. If you have any questions about it, leave a comment below. I’m happy to help. Thanks.


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