Go High Level – One Word/Phrase SMS Automation

Go High Level – One Word/Phrase SMS Automation

Setup one word or phrase to trigger a SMS campaign in Go High Level! The sky is the limit with this one. Tons of use cases and scenarios.

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What’s going on, guys? Jason Moss here, today’s video, I have a really cool GoHighLevel trick for you. This is how you build, I guess you would call it like a SMS trigger campaign.

Essentially, what I’m going to show you is it’s going to allow you to have customers or prospects or whoever text a phone number, OK, with a certain word. All right. One of your trigger words. And when they text that phone number with that trigger word inside of your go high level account, it’s going to set off a number of automations and sequences, whatever you can think up, all done by this text message. All right. So it’s very, very cool.

It’s very simple as well. So let’s hop into it. As you can see, I’m in my HighLevel account and all we have to do is set up a trigger for this. All right. So on the left hand side, we’re going to come down here to triggers. All right, we’re going to open this up and you’ll see I have some other triggers in here as well. Let’s create a new one here. So over on the right hand side, let’s add trigger.

All right. And we’re going to name this SMS trigger. For cheat sheet. All right, so I’m going to make this fun, you can test this yourself when once I have it set up, all right, you’ll be able to text this phone number and my cheat sheet will be delivered to you on your phone. All right. Very cool stuff. All right. So this is a simple way of doing it. You can make it do a lot more complex things, which you’ll see in a second.

So we save that there. And of course, this is in draft mode. It’s not activated yet. Nothing’s even built. So let’s build this together. What should trigger this rule? All right. So if you’ve never been inside, go high level. You know that there. Well, you don’t know that there’s a ton of different things that can be your trigger. These are all internal events that are happening. So you can look at this as like an internal Zapier type of thing.

All right. So what we want to do in this situation is we want customer replied. All right. So we’ll click on Customer replied, and we have to define this a little bit more. So we’ll add a filter here. All right. And what are they doing? OK, well, the first thing we have to do is a reply channel. So where is this reply coming from? OK, so we have options here on a call, SMS, email, chat widget, Facebook Messenger.

And now there’s also GMB messaging, which is very, very cool. All right. But this is going to be SMS. All right. So text message. All right. So the reply channel is set. Let’s define it a little bit more. Add filter. All right. Now let’s let’s pick the phone number. OK, so we want to choose which phone number this is coming from. If you don’t do which phone number, like if you just skip this one altogether in phone number, it’s going to do it for all the phone numbers on your account.

You probably don’t want that. All right. So we’re going to define this one here and looks like. Yeah, because this is kind of like a test account. I only have one phone number attached to this. So we’ll just click on this one here. All right. And that’s the number you’re going to text. All right. So let’s add a filter, because we need to keep defining this. All right. So we’ve told it this is going to be an SMS and it is on this phone number.

But but what’s it actually doing? All right. So add a filter here. All right. And we want to do contains phrase. All right.

Now, you can do exact match phrase if you only want them texting one exact phrase, one word, one sentence, one something. But there’s a lot of room for error there. So I’m going to do contains phrase and we’re going to do cheat sheet. OK, one word. All right. Not not two words, but just one word cheat sheet. Now, this will trigger if you just text cheat sheet, it’ll trigger if you text. I want the cheat sheet because that is contained in the phrase.

All right, so it can be in a sentence or it can just be the word itself. All right. So that’s all we need to do, contains phrase cheat sheet. So the next thing we do is we want to add an action. What do we want this to actually do? All right. So as you can see, there are a lot of different internal actions that we can trigger now. All right. Inside of our GoHighLevel account.

All right. We can even do a Web hook which sends stuff out of Go High Level. So think about that for a second. There’s lots of cool things you can do with this. All right. But for this for what we’re doing here, we’re going to do send S and s all right. Because I’m just going to be replying back to you. All right. So who does this SMS go to? It goes back to you. So let me grab the contact value here, contact and we’ll get the phone.

All right. Let me just copy this real quick. Put that in here. All right. So that means the contact phone. You are the contact. Whoever is texting this phone number is the contact. All right. So that is who is going to be all right. So what do we want this message to say? It is text message. Let me grab that just real quick. OK, and there we go, let’s for the text message that you’re going to receive is just going to say here is your essential tools cheat sheet and then it has a link for the download for my cheat sheet, which, by the way, this cheat sheet is a PDF of all the tools that I use in my agency, my Facebook ad agency, my YouTube channel, everything I use to run my businesses.

It’s very, very cool. All the tools that I’ve gone through that I’ve paid for with my own money that I use on a daily basis. I’ve only included the best ones in there for you. Just to give you an idea of what works, what works for me and my businesses. All right. So that is how you do that. And there’s nothing else that we have to do here. But we can if we want to, you can actually go a step further and we can continue to add actions.

So with something like this, I would want to add an action. OK, of adding a contact tag, all right, because all these people that are going to be texting this phone number to or to me, all right, I want to tag them. I want to know why they’re in my system, because if I go over to the contacts area, all these phone numbers are going to be in there. And I’m not going to know why they’re in there.

So maybe I want to add a tag to that. All right. So I can add a contact tag. And what do we want the tag to be? Well, let’s do. SMScheatsheet. All right, so now I know if I see you in my system, OK, if I see your phone number, I’ll see the tag next to it. Esme’s cheat sheet. And I know that you requested the cheat sheet from me. OK, so very cool way that you can keep track things and you can do a lot of different things with all the different actions.

You can keep it going on and on and on. It’s pretty crazy what you can do with go high level. All right. All right. Now let’s test this out. All right. So the first thing we want to do is we want to save this. OK, so now saved and we’ll go to activate. All right. So now it is active. Let me just grab my phone here and let’s test this out. So we’ve got a text message.

And let me just text number 636. And you can do this with me if you want 636-251-3020. And all I’m going to type is a cheat sheet. One word and there it goes, cheat sheet was delivered and here is your essential tools cheat sheet and then it has the link, so you probably cannot see that.

Well, yeah, it worked perfectly fine, that is how you do that, and now you have my cheat sheet if you send a text message to that sorry dog.

So that is how you set up an SMS and trigger campaign with Go High Level. Remember, you can have that come into your system and set off a number of different things like running campaigns, sending SMS messages, emails, even like the Web hoax. There’s tons of different things that you can do with it.

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