Fix Google SMTP Integration Error in Go High Level

Fix Google SMTP Integration Error in Go High Level

Fix Google SMTP Re-Integration Error in Go High Level. Use My Go High Level link and get my bonuses –

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Full Video Transcript

What’s up, everybody, Jason Moss here and in today’s video, this is specifically for all my GoHighLevelers out there that are using Go HighL evel, that are having issues with their G suite or their Gmail not being integrated, as you can see on the screen, when you have this red error message, I guess you could say there is a problem with this integration on these SMTP services and then it’ll say your email address there, click here to reintegrate.

Now, this can be kind of annoying because at the moment, Go High Level doesn’t really explain what needs to be fixed, but I’m going to show you how to do it. Very, very simple.

So the first spot that you’re going to go to is or once you’re logged into your High Level account and you’re the location where you’re seeing this, of course, you’re going to come down here to settings. Once you click on settings, you will get this screen here and you’re going to click on SMTP and mail gun service. Now, once you click on that, you’re going to see your different items here. You might see your MailGun account in here or maybe a Sendgrid, whatever you’ve already put in here or it might not be in there.

What you will see is your G Suite or Gmail account, because that’s where this issue is happening. OK, so an easy fix to this. You do it like this. Let’s see. Well, first off, if we click on this, it’ll say username and password not accepted, learn more and then it gives you a support. Google bad credentials. OK, well, here’s the thing. It’s not your credentials. Well, I take that back.

It can be OK. But here’s the thing. If you know for certain that your credentials are right, OK, you’re pulling your hair out wondering what have I what am I doing wrong? OK, it is not your credentials, OK? Because I know these credentials are one hundred percent correct. OK, just cancel this. What you’re going to do. The problem is the less secure app access. OK, yeah. That was a mouthful. Less secure app access.

I’ll put a link in the description below. All right. But basically it’s part of your Google account where Google is not allowing go high level to be accessed. As you can see, this is the the correct Gmail account g suite account and right now allow less secure apps is off. Now, I have turned this on a million times and sometimes it gets turned back off. And that’s why you see the red error message in there. Now, this is not a High Level problem.

This is a GSuite thing. It’s just like a security thing. Sometimes it gets kicked out. It’s kind of annoying, but we just have to deal with it. OK, so once you’re into this part, remember, there’s a link in the description below for this. All right? All you do is click it on. That’s it. That’s all you do. Now, if we go back to Go High Level, let’s just refresh this, make sure everything takes now, once it refreshes, we’re just going to come down here, click in this box right here for the for your G suite.

All right. We’re going to hit edit. All right, and you’re going to retype your password, all right, and then hit save. And BING BADA BOOOM, there you go, it is all completely fixed now, you have you don’t have that annoying message anymore. It is one hundred percent reintegrated to your goal. High level. It’s one hundred percent fixed. So that is how you fix that annoying error. Guys, if this video was helpful, please smash that like button.

It really helps the YouTube algorithm and get this video out to more High Levelers that are looking for this kind of fix.

And if you guys are really feeling thankful, please go ahead and subscribe. I would really appreciate it. And that also helps my channel as well. But if you need any other help, feel free to drop a comment below. I’m happy to help, but I will see you guys in the next video. Thanks.


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