Covve Scan Review – Business Card Scanner App

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Covve Scan is the business card scanning app you never knew about and didn’t know you needed. It seamlessly scans your business cards insanely quick and gives you options to save in the app or your mobile device. Once they integrate this with Zapier, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine scanning a business card and via Zapier you instantly put that contact on your autoresponder campaign, or instantly send them a text message, or they are entered in your CRM for future followup!

Full Transcript :

Jason Moss:

Hey guys, Jason Moss here. And in today’s video, I want to show you a really cool business card scanner app that it came across a couple of weeks ago. It’s actually been in the app Sumo store for several months, actually since April. I think it was. And it’s still in there. Usually these things in AppSumo expire. They’re only in there maybe two, three, four weeks max, but this has been in here since April. So I wanted to make a video show you how it works, because I think, I think a lot of people are overlooking it because business cards are sort of on their way out. Not a lot of people use business cards anymore, like they did back in the day, but there’s a lot of industries, markets and jobs that business cards are still huge. Okay. And if you go to Google right now and type in business card scanner, there’s 3,600 people a month searching for that.

Jason Moss:

So I know there’s a lot of people searching for things like this. Okay. So let’s, let’s hop into the app here. This is what the app looks like. Maybe that’ll show up, maybe it doesn’t, I don’t know, but let’s hop in and I’ll show you how it works. All right. So here is how the app works. I have an iPhone, so I went to the app store and I searched a business card scanner and you’ll see this pop up business card scanner by Cove. I’m sure it looks somewhat similar on the Google play store. Right. But you’ll see really good ratings on it. You know, beautiful images here and then let’s go and look how it works. So I’ll hit open. Alright. And you’ll see, I have no cards added yet. I deleted the ones that I was playing around with, but let’s scan a new card.

Jason Moss:

So I got a card laying down here in front of me. I’m going to hit the camera button and there’s the card and I’ll, I’ll move it. So you can kind of see this blue box. Hopefully it’s showing up on this screen recording. But it automatically finds it and it takes a picture of it as you can see, and you can adjust this if for some reason it gets off, you can make it a little bit bigger you know, play around with it, that type of thing. But I’ll hit next and then I’ll hit done and it starts scanning it. Okay. Now this is my business card, of course. And you’ll see, it’s grabbed the full name. Jason was the company. It did not get the company correct. So we can come in here and edit that it did get the job title, correct. President phone number is correct. Of course. Email email is on there for some reason. It didn’t grab it, it grabbed it the time before. But we can just edit that and pop it in.

Jason Moss:

Okay. Website. It did find the website on there, then you have the option to put or tags. So yeah, that all looks really, really good. And then of course, let’s see, we can move this. Okay. And then we can do the back of the card if we want. All right. So you can have like a full you know, the front and back of your card because sometimes there’s good information on the back. All right. This one on my card, it’s just a quote, some some verbiage of course, but then you have both sides of it. Now you’ll see these blue icons. Okay. You got the the phone icon, the messenger icon in the mail icon. You can click on those and you can just well I have it on airplane mode, so it’s not going to do it, but it brings up the phone number.

Jason Moss:

So you can just call it instantly. Okay. So it makes it very, very simple. And then you have, let’s save this real quick. You have this option on the bottom right hand side. Okay. That you saw just pop up. If I click on that, you’ll see. I have the option to share contact. All right. So when we do that, we have the options of, you know, messaging it copying the information, emailing it to ourselves or whoever. So you have all those options that pop up and then we also have saved a phone option. All right. So instantly it pops it in your contact area. You can edit the rest of the details if you want, and then you can hit done, and it’s going to save a new contact. All right. So very, very simple to use when you go on back.

Jason Moss:

All right. You’ll see a whole list of all your cards that you’ve scanned in here makes it very, very simple to collect all these different cards. Now that you’ve seen how the app works. Keep in mind, they’re still working on this. It’s not a fully developed product at the, at this point. I mean, obviously it’s going to scan things. You can save them into your phone. That’s all fully functional, but the big, big thing is the integrations. Okay. They are working on integrations. And the biggest one I think is with Zapier. Okay. Because obviously Zapier can connect to just about any kind of CRM that you might have, email service, a text messaging, service, whatever it might be. So think about this for a second. There’s a lot of places like old school businesses. I know I have like a farm store near me that they have a you know, a board out in front of the store.

Jason Moss:

When you walk in and there’s business cards all over the thing, there’s a couple of restaurants that I know of that have business cards. They still have those, those bulletin boards where people post everything and pin their business card up there. So think about it from this perspective, like lead generation like myself. I am a like a search engine optimizer, I guess you could say. I have a, a local SEO agency. We also do Facebook, that type of thing. So we work with a lot of local businesses. So what could I use this app for? Well, simply put, I can go up to those bulletin boards, scan all those cards, all those businesses into the app. Okay. And then come home right now. The integrations don’t work. They’re not, they’re not ready, but I could come home and I can start text messaging.

Jason Moss:

All those people, I could start calling them. I could start emailing them. Okay. I mean, that’s huge. Okay. But once they get that Zapier integration set up, the possibilities are endless. Okay. You could connect that with anyone at your CRMs. You could connect it with a auto responder campaign. So as soon as you scan somebody in by instantly get an email from you and put into maybe a campaign of some sort, all right. Or you could connect a Zapier with like Twilio and start sending out automatic tests, text messages. I mean, there’s a ton of possibilities with it. So once they get that Zapier integration, I’ll leave a comment here on the video, I’ll update this post or whatever. But just, you know, get it from the app Sumo store, it’s nine freaking dollars. Okay. Usually things in here, like 39, 49 or 59 bucks, but it’s nine bucks.

Jason Moss:

$9. It’s, well-spent, you’ll have it for lifetime. You’ll get the integrations when they come out and you can scan all those business cards into your phone save them into the phone, shoot them over to your CRM or autoresponder, whatever it might be. There’s a lot of possibilities with it, but if you guys liked this video, give me a thumbs up. You know, like the video subscribe hit that bell notification. So you get you know, notifications next time I have a video, but if you have any questions, leave them down below. I answered just about everything. But I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thanks.


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