Collect Emails From Facebook Groups With This Chrome Extension

Collect Emails From Facebook Groups With This Chrome Extension

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Hey, guys, Jason Moss here, I’m back again, going over group leads one more time simply because I got a bunch of questions about it. They want to see a little bit more detail, some different options on what group leads can do. And looking back at the other video I made just a couple of days ago, maybe things weren’t as clear as they could have been. So I’m going to go over it again because group leads is awesome.

So who is this for?

OK, this is for anybody that runs a Facebook group like you’re the administrator, whether you’re doing it for yourself or you’re managing it for some clients like I am as well.

You know that Facebook groups allows you to ask questions. They allow you to ask filtering questions. As you can see, this is my example. This is a DUI would project group that I run. These are my membership questions to join. OK, I ask, what is your email address? How long have you been in the woodworking? And then if you would like to be considered to be a moderator, OK, you can only ask three questions and that’s it.

That’s all Facebook allows.

Now, the biggest problem is Facebook does not save this data, OK? They do not save it anywhere. I will show you these are some requests that are in right now for this group.

Thirteen people are looking to join. OK, now you’ll see this guy he dropped in his email. He’s been in woodworking one to five years and he didn’t answer that last question. No big deal. But here’s the thing.

As soon as I hit a proof that information is gone, OK, the only way to save this information without a third party plug in chrome extension like group leads is by copying this email address and this information in putting it all in a spreadsheet. OK, very, very annoying. All right. Very time consuming. You can pay a visa to do it. You can do it yourself. But when you have 20, 30, 40 requests coming a day, I mean, a lot of groups have hundreds of requests coming in a day.

It is impossible to do that to copy and paste everything over. OK, so that’s where a group leads, comes into play.

All right. So basically, like I said, this is like a software chrome extension, OK?

You buy the service, you install the Chrome extension just like you do with others, and then you start connecting it. OK, I’m going to click on it up here. All right, and you’ll see I have two groups in here. All right.

And I just bought, in case you’re wondering, there it is right there, the one time unlimited plan, OK, for everybody that is wondering at the moment, they are getting rid of the lifetime licenses by the end of the year.

December 31st is the last day that you can ever get a lifetime license. So if you do like this video, you like group leads and what it can do, you need to go ahead and get the lifetime license before the end of the year.

And of course, the link is in description below. Please use that if you decide to to buy it. It is an affiliate link. It gives me a small commission on the back end. You don’t pay anything extra. It helps support this channel. OK, so I appreciate that in advance. All right. But looking at this, you have some different settings, OK, that I want to go over. I didn’t go over this in the other video.

All right. So you will see let’s look at the Dry Wood Products Group and you’ll see that there are auto approved settings. OK, now, I don’t use this because I don’t have that many requests coming in and I rather have full control over it because I’m trying to, you know, really control the spam in the group. All right. But you do have the option to enable automatic approval. OK, and you have options. You can run it by minutes, OK?

How often do you want to run the you know, for it to look for new people and run the auto approved. OK, and then you gives you a lot of different options. You can do it if all three questions are answered or if they’re not OK. Email is dropped in. One of the questions that can be a thing for you. A new member agreed to the group rules. So like if they answer questions and they don’t agree to the group rules, for some reason, it won’t auto approve them.

All right. So depending on your group and how important it is, that might be an important feature to you. OK, gender, you can do it by men or women. So if you’re running a group that is only for women or only for men, you can not approve some of those people. OK, and remember, it’s not going to decline them is just going to stack them up in your request, OK? It just won’t auto approve them.

All right. You can do joined Facebook at least, you know, by a certain time line, you know, because a lot of the people that have Facebook for a month or three months, a lot of times those are spammers. All right.

I always look for those old aged accounts, has a number of friends already in the group that could be of importance located or lives in.

Maybe you only want United States or you only want a certain city if it’s like a city type group, mutual friends, number of groups in common with me. There’s a lot of different features that you have for auto approval. OK, so let’s look at the regular settings. Right. And you’ll see. This all works with a Google sheet. OK, so when you first set it up, you click on this, it takes you over to here.

It’s just a blank Google sheet. All right. You hit file, you hit make a copy and then you can name it whatever you want.

Now you take that your URL up or to go. You take that your URL. For the sheet that you made. And you drop it in here and then it’ll do its verification process and verify that everything is correct.

OK, step three is I believe it’s optional because you don’t have to do this. You can just dump them all into your spreadsheet if you want, which is great.

But you do have the option to connect group leads with a whole bunch of different auto responders.

So as you can see, there’s a whole bunch in here. Active campaign, a Weber constantcontact convert kit drip get response. I use go high level and I also use Khadra on one of my other accounts. And of course MailChimp is in here. There’s everything that you could want. I probably just broke that there. Go back to go high level, OK, and I’ll show you what this does.

Now, these options down here below the autoresponder section, you have some different things that you can do. You can disable the autoresponder altogether. You can tag neun members in a welcome post, which Facebook groups already does that. So I don’t really mess with it. But this is more of like an automatic type of thing. If you want to do that, you can even do enable decline messaging or welcome messaging. So if you decline them from entering your group, you can send them a message and maybe tell them why and vice versa for welcome.

So you approve them to join the group and it automatically sends a message to them saying whatever you want, you can actually you can click on it. And you’ll see you can it gives you like a prompt, of course, you can change this and whatnot, you can randomize them, you can change the how you want to send out the timing of them. There’s a lot of different options that you can do with it. So feel free to play around with that once you get it set up.

And then auto decline based on key words, send message only settings.

So a lot of different things that you can do with group leads. I love, love, love this thing because without it I wouldn’t have been able to capture all of these different leads and all this information, you know, all of these people joining your group. OK, so where does the data go when you approve them? OK, data goes to your Google sheet like I was talking about. But you’ll see this is everything that you get.

You get the group name, their user ID, profile, your URL, of course, their name, and it gives you full name and first name, last name columns. So if you’re playing around with, like an auto responder, maybe you’re connecting this with Xabi or something. You have different options because you can connect Google sheets with tons of different things using Xabier, which is free, and you can send that data all over the place if you want.

OK, they got their joined Facebook date and then here are your questions. Question one answer, one question to answer two. Question three, answer three.

So it has it all in here for you. The day added and even their location. So tons of great data that they give you, which you can use this for a number of different things, all depending on what type of group that you are running. The sky is the limit on your possibilities. So like I was saying, I have mine not only being pushed over to Google Sheets, but I also use go high level, which is like a CRM on steroids.

It does a whole bunch of crazy things, which would be a whole nother video. Tons of videos showing you everything go high level can do. But as you can see, this is in my dry wood projects location here. And all of that data, all those leads, I have them being sent over here because once they’re in go high level, you can automate the crap out of things, do whatever I want, you know, by sending them emails, of course, putting them in different types of campaigns.

There’s all types of things you can do with go high level.

So that like I said, that’s a whole nother video, of course. But I’m just trying to show you all the different ways that you can make this thing work for you, mate group work and send the data used, the tools that you’re already using and, you know, make more money at the end of the day with all of this. This leads data. So hopefully that helps out. Like I said, group leads is doing a lifetime license till the end of the year, December 31st.

Twenty, twenty. So depending on when you are watching this, if it’s past December 31st, the lifetime license is probably gone. But of course, they still have the monthly. They have different options on the size.

You know, if you’re only doing like two groups or four groups or you want unlimited, they got monthly, yearly and the lifetime license options right now.

So if you’re running a Facebook group, you have to have, as this is a must, unless you love, copy and paste all of that, all those questions data over manually every time you have someone request to join. But this solves that problem. I hope this video helps. If you have questions, leave them below. I am happy to help. Like I said, the link for group leads is in the description below this. It is an affiliate link.

It gives me a small commission. It really helps support this channel so I can get different things like this and show you different reviews and use these these tools. All right. So please consider using that. It does not cost you anything extra when you use that link. They just pay me a little commission on the back end, which, like I said, helps this channel. So that link is in description below. But if you got questions, leave them below as well.

I’m happy to help, but yeah, that is group leads. Help you guys pick up a copy of it and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Thanks.


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