Get Free Facebook Leads From Your Lead Form Ads 🤯

Get Free Facebook Leads From Your Lead Form Ads 🤯

Don’t overlook this setting when making your lead form Facebook ads! You could be missing out on a lot of good leads by not doing this.

Full Video Transcript:

Jason Moss:

Hey guys, Jason Moss here. And in today’s video, I want to talk to you about a easy way. It’s very overlooked, but it’s an easy way to extract free leads out of your Facebook lead form ads. Okay. This only applies if you’re running lead form ads, but it’s a, it’s one little setting that if you do not have it set you’ll be missing out on free leads. Okay. So let’s hop right in. It’s very, very simple. All right. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is check and see if it’s on already. Okay. so you’ll go to your Facebook ads navigate to your, your ad that is running in you’ll click on your lead format. If you have these running already, you will know how to get to this. Okay. So this is the lead form ad, and you’ll see that once you already have it published, remember you can’t edit it.

Jason Moss:

You’re going to have to duplicate and make a new lead form, man. But just to show you, this is where it’s found these are the settings. Okay. And then you just make sure that it is open by default. Your lead format will be restricted. Okay. So what does that mean? All right. Basically they’re saying, you know, by default it’s restricted. So only the people that your, your ad is actually targeting can fill out that form. Okay. Now what it happens, if somebody you’re targeting shares your ad. Okay, well, you know, they, they like it and they share it. If someone else sees that and you know, some other friend and you know, that same offer applies to them and they want to fill it out while they can’t because it’s restricted. So there are reasons that you do want it restricted, but in this scenario in 99% of scenarios want to have it checked as open now that you have it open, if somebody shares your Facebook lead form.

Jason Moss:

Okay. If they share your ad somebody else that you were not even targeting can fill out your lead form and you can get some extra leads. Okay. So make sure that is okay. All right. And like I said, you can’t, you can’t edit and already running lead format. You’re going to have to duplicate it and then change that setting and then, and change your ads to run on this lead format. Okay. And like I said, this, this video is for people that are already doing this, they’re running lead formats. You will know how to switch. You’re a lead format. Okay. But just make sure that it is open now. How do you check back those? How do you, how do you see when those extra leads are coming in? Well leads manager excuse me. Ad manager is not going to show it.

Jason Moss:

Okay. Cause manager only shows you leads that are from targeted. Okay. Because they want, they want those numbers to be right. If you’re getting a bunch of things, leads from people that you’re not targeting your ad data. Okay. Is all going to be skewed. All right. So in ads manager, they’re not going to show you that. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to head over to your Facebook page. All right. And this is on the new Facebook. If you’re looking at the old Facebook, it’ll be at the top, but you’ll see something called publishing tools on the old Facebook, you actually have to hit more and then you’ll see publishing tools below. So once you click on that, then you’re going to go to your lead form ads. Okay. Actually your form library, I believe it’s called yes. Your forms library, as you can see over here on the left hand side.

Jason Moss:

All right. And then you’ll see your lead formats that you have active. Okay. And when you hover over these, all right, you’ll notice that this campaign here has 55 targeted and it has one on targeted that one and targeted is that extra lead that came in because I have it set to open instead of restricted. So not a big difference for this campaign. All right. But one extra lead can be huge. I mean, that could be a buyer right there, especially for this client here. You know, that this is for a $7,000 product. So every lead is crucial. Okay. So that’s one extra lead that you would never have gotten in the first place. This campaign here had a 122 targeted, and then there was three that were untargeted. So that’s three extra leads that you get completely for free. It doesn’t count towards your ad spend or anything.

Jason Moss:

All right. So especially for some of you guys that are running all these different campaigns that the, the lead costs can be, you know, 20, 30, 40 bucks a lead. Some people are running things that are, you know, a hundred dollars a lead if you’re getting some free leads. I mean, that, that can really add up not to mention what your product costs and that could lead to another buyer. I mean, that’s a huge ROI. I mean, any kind of free leads that you can get is huge. So that is how you do it. It’s very, very simple. You know, just switch it to open instead of restricted on your lead format. You know, and then you come into publishing tools, go to forms, library, and you can see those target versus on targeted when you download these CSVs or XLS is you can also see that data in there as well. But if you’ve got questions about this, leave a comment below. If this video was helpful, give me a thumbs up, hit that subscribe button, hit the bell, make sure you get notified on all my other videos, but I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks guys.


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